Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is a powerhouse of a smartphone that has an overwhelming number of software features. We do the legwork for you and bring you these 7 handy tips to get the most out of your device.

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Some are more useful than others but the problem is that you really need to spend a lot of time playing around with various settings to get the most out of the phone but who has time for that?

Don’t worry though, we do the legwork and show you seven handy tips that will help you unlock the full potential of the device. Click through our gallery to see how-to screenshots.

1. Enable one handed operation

That big screen is great for taking notes and consuming content but it comes at the cost of not being able to operate the device with one-hand.

Thankfully, you do have the option of using the phone in one-handed mode, which essentially shrinks the keyboard and the dialler screen down so that you can send emails, text messages and make calls with one handed ease.

You also have the option of one handed usability in any app or screen you might be in. It achieves this by simply shrinking the screen down and giving you the option of resizing and repositioning the window to fit your hand. 

To enable one-handed operation mode simply go to Settings > Control Tab > One-handed operation > Check all the available options.

Once this option is enabled in the settings, the keyboard and dialler will appear in a shrunken down format by default. You can also activate one-handed mode at any time by simply using a swiping gesture (swipe in and back out from the right side of the screen).

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2. Never lose your S Pen

The Note 3 has a built in holder for the S Pen which makes it convenient for carrying around but what if you forget to put the stylus back in its holster and misplace it?

There is a handy little feature that sounds an alert whenever the handset detects the S Pen is more than a few meters away from the phone and hasn’t been put back in its holder.

Go to Settings > Controls tab > S Pen > Check “S Pen keeper” option. 

3. Enable hands-free mode when in your car

With hands-free mode enabled, all key functions of your phone can be performed using gestures and S Voice, so that you never need to take your hands away from the wheel.

Incoming caller information and text messages will be read out by S Voice and calls can be accepted by simply waving your hand over the screen.

To enable go to Settings > Controls tab > enable “Hands-free mode”. Here you can pick and choose the hands free features that you prefer.

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4. Use your Note 3 even with gloves on

This one is perfect for tradespeople who like to use their phones without having to take their gloves off every time.

Go to Settings > Control tab > scroll to the bottom and check “Increase touch sensitivity”.

5. Jot down a quick note without having to unlock your phone

You can write down a quick note from the lock screen by going to Settings > select “Device” tab > Lock screen > scroll down and check “Action Memo on lock screen” option.

Now whenever you need to jot down a quick note, double tap the S Pen on the lock screen while holding the button in on the stylus to bring up an empty memo window.

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6. Searching the Galaxy Note 3

The Note 3 is a great note taking device and can also be a handy repository for storing pieces of content that you might have grabbed online. But what if you want to quickly find a specific meeting note, agenda or screenshot?

This is where S Finder comes in, which can be accessed as a shortcut from Air Command (hover the S Pen over the screen while holding down the button). You can also bring up S Finder by just long pressing the menu button.

S Finder not only allows you to search for any handwritten notes but it can also search through any piece of content that might be stored on your phone including calendar, contacts, Evernote files and tagged images and videos. You can also filter search results by content type and date.

7. Use two apps at the same time

One of the best features from the Note series has been the desktop like ability to have two apps open simultaneously on the screen, making it much more efficient to multi-task on a smartphone.

The multi-window feature has evolved on the Note 3 in that you can now drag and drop content between the open apps. As an example, you can drag images from the gallery straight into an email or SMS that you might be working on and effectively turning the image into an attachment.

You can also now have two of the same apps open at once.

To turn on multi window go to Settings > Device > turn on “Multi window”.

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