Case study: Zoom Video - Security's cutting edge

At Zoom Video in Melbourne, every employee has an Apple® iPad® and an iPhone™ they use as a presentation tool for customers.

But it isn’t about slick marketing — being able to work from anywhere is at the core of this security video’s business. It’s the Generation Next approach to technology in action.

“Customers can download an app onto an iPhone or iPad and stream live video from business security cameras to wherever they are,” explains Michael Brown, Zoom Video’s managing director. “Our services allow customers to manage businesses when they are out
of the office. They can keep an eye on things, such as make sure staff have turned up. And the video captured is of the highest quality. Grainy security video is now a thing of the past.”

But as Brown sees it, security video is just one of many potential applications for Zoom Video. “It can be used to do all sorts of stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. We have one customer who uses it as a video cam to watch a $100,000 thoroughbred horse.”

As a video-based operation with high-end needs, Zoom Video’s mobile network connection has to be A1. “That’s why we are with Telstra,” says Brown. “We were with another telco initially but our service would drop out… it just wasn’t good enough.

“We need the best service to manage our camera demands, and since we’ve been with Telstra, the quality of our video stream has improved. Our customers also rely on Telstra, particularly in regional areas.

“Telstra also provides us with a fixed broadband service that we can make available to our customers and so help them to limit their excess usage charges. Our needs are quite left of centre but Telstra has started to listen to them, which helps us to implement and streamline what we need to do to grow our business.” >

How Telstra technical experts help Zoom Video look out for its customers

“Mobility and technical specialists work with Zoom Video to design solutions to help the company grow,” says Ryan MacDonald, Telstra’s account executive for Zoom Video. “Our products enable Zoom Video to do a number of different things, such as monitor their security systems and enable sales staff to demonstrate products to potential customers. Without Telstra’s capability, Zoom Video wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service their customers expect.

“With Telstra, Zoom Video is able to service more customers, particularly in regional areas. And combining our utility hosting and cloud services with machine-to-machine (M2M) telemetry services allows new Zoom Video customers to be up and running on the same day, ensuring good service and customer satisfaction.”

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