Top Ten Carbon Tax Tweets (For When The Sky Doesn't Fall In)

Carbon tax is upon us and everyone's making a ruckus. We cut through the noise to find the best commentary.

If you were out enjoying your weekend on Sunday July 1, you are in for a terribly rude shock this morning. The almighty Carbon Tax came into effect at the start of the new financial year, and according to who you talk to, it’s either going to ruin everyone who runs a business or have little significant impact on most of us who don't belch out extreme levels of pollution every day. When we talked to Minister for Small Business, Brendan O’Connor about it a few weeks ago, he said “I think when the 1st of July comes around, the sky won’t fall, things won’t be changing fundamentally out to the economy. I think people sigh and say, ‘well what was all that scare campaign about?”

Either way, that good old electricity bill is going to go up, and when rates rise, people get mad. And when people get mad, other people make jokes at their expense. To celebrate the launch of the greatest single price hike since the GST, we present to you the ten best carbon tax jokes, culled from you, the people of Australia. Given that we just looked outside and the sky is, indeed, still there, we thought we'd celebrate. We will then turn off our computers forever and stop breathing for a while just to make sure we stay on budget for Issue 7 of Smarter Business Ideas, out later this month. 

Recent research from the Australia Institute (below) shows that most citizens will actually end up 20c better off after the Government cuts or benefits than they were before the carbon tax. This probably overlooks the effect on farmers or other industries who require huge amounts of energy to keep produce or goods cool or warm, but it is a bit more reassuring than all those people running around the city declaring End of Days.  

Also, if the whole idea of saving the environment is getting you down, why not join the new Qantas 'You are the reason we fly' campaign and get your name emblazoned on the side of a huge, carbon-spewing plane? Or perhaps you could submit your name as 'Carbon Tax Blows'. The average household seems to spend a lot more money on holidays, anyway, so it could be a great way to tie in two things you're passionate about. That way everyone will see it as you leave the runway. We'll be doing a proper investigation of carbon tax once there's been enough time to take stock of its benefits and disadvantages. In the mean time, keep calm and stop breathing.

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  • It is sheer stupidity by trying to save the world when this tax does nothing to help the environment except hurt our local and global competiveness. We are the only country to have a tax 3 times larger than the next; further many other countries are queuing to scrap it. Report this

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