Cloud computing case study: Yokohama Tyre Australia

Yokohama Tyre Australia is a wholesaler of tyres, from rubber for a family car to tyres for a giant mining truck. Recently the business built its first call centre with Telstra’s help.

“Our main customers are our dealers,” says Yokohama’s IT manager, Duane Hum, adding that dealers call to learn which products Yokohama has in stock.

Such inquiries were previously handled by personnel in each Yokohama office and, while that service was efficient, it was not always consistent.

Using the cloud to create a call centre, with Telstra’s IP telephony services, was a way to create the best possible customer experience for dealers.

“We have an existing relationship with Telstra in terms of voice and data,” says Hum. “Our aim was to consolidate and streamline the various services we were using, and at the same time provide better business connectivity.”

Telstra made this possible by providing a single telephony service linking several Yokohama Tyre Australia offices. Most calls reach the new Sydney call centre, but calls may also be routed to appropriate staff — even if they are elsewhere, on the move. That’s important because some dealers want to talk to specific Yokohama people.

Hum says the new arrangements have “reduced costs slightly”, but the bonus is the company now has more resilient call-handling capabilities. That in turn means dealers get a better experience, making them more likely to turn to Yokohama for their needs.

Telephony as a service tips

  1. “You must have reliable connectivity. IP telephony means you can deliver various services, but the main bottleneck is connectivity.”
  2. “Consider the applications you intend to run. There are various levels of network quality of service and they make a difference to performance.”
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