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How to create a great customer experience


How to create a great customer experience

Simple steps to making your customer feel like a king.

  • Offer sound basic customer service and make sure your product lives up to customer expectations. React quickly to complaints and remedy cause and effect.


  • Communicate promptly and personally with customers via email and mailouts, or even call directly.


  • Think about your store environment: does the music and lighting suit your products, and is it appealing to your target market? What about offering water, a coffee machine or a kids’ play area?


  • Where feasible, give customers the time and space to try your products before they buy.


  • Get to know your customers, and learn to adapt to their changing needs. Target key customers groups with your marketing and store layouts.


  • Be flexible in changing economic conditions with returns policies and methods and terms of payment.


  • Think creatively about ways you can take your products to the local market. Don’t just sponsor a local sports team, get involved.


  • Start small and test out new ideas for engaging customers with your products. Be creative and think outside the box, new approaches don’t need to be expensive or time consuming.


  • Know your target audience, and make sure you can identify whether any new approach is creating the impact you want.


  • Even if you are not planning to sell online, think about setting up a simple web site to showcase your products.


  • If you are planning to use social media to engage with customers, make sure you have the resources to manage it effectively as a marketing tool.
  • I believe customers should always be treated like royalty, afterall they pay the business "Bill". Great article. Report this

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