24 hours with...Gabriel Machuret, The Internet Ninja

What time do you get to work? How many coffees have you had by 3pm? Welcome to '24 hours', where you'll learn how successful you can be if you listen to classic rock in the workplace and whether the boss cooks their own dinner.

Gabriel Machuret is an SEO consultant, providing Search Engine Optimization to a wide array of customers. He helps companies to rank better in Google, and by doing so, hopefully improve their online branding. 'I’m a one man band and my approach to online marketing is easy to understand: If you love what you do and you are willing to provide value to your online audience, for sure I can help get your site noticed,' he says.Machuret, known as 'The Internet Ninja' works exclusively from home in the 'tiny and magical Merimbula' on the South Coast of NSW. So is it all pizza and late nights for a the web guy on the coast? We dive into the code and find out...

What time do you wake up in the morning?
4:30 am (believe it or not!) . I recently discovered that waking up as early as possible is the best way to increase productivity.  It helps me to stay focused and once the “world is awake” I have  already done 2 to 3 solid hours of work.

Newspaper, radio or iPad before work?
iPad 100% . Usually to check emails, news and support tickets from email.

How do you usually spend your first hour at work?
My first 2 hours are usually my quiet time. It's just before my 2 boys wake up, so it’s my time to follow up emails, check stats, Google rankings and coordinate tasks for my team offshore. Many of my clients are overseas, so waking up early allows me to have online telephone sessions with them. I also have a team of 4 full-time outsourcers in the Philippines and each day I need to assign task and follow up on previous work completed.

Does your business vary from day to day or do you often repeat the same processes. Why/why not?
Every day is different, because the online world changes at any stage (just ask Google!) . So my days vary from building sites for myself or my clients, to developing online strategies for private companies, to even one on one SEO coaching sessions . Each day is a bit of carte blanche to develop new ideas.

Lunch; at your desk or out of the office?
Whenever the laptop is….  luckily enough when the weather is nice, Merimbula has lovely places to eat outside, close to the water. So if the weather is good, there is nothing better than taking the laptop or iPad and having lunch in a “different office.”

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?
Mainly podcasts. I’m an entrepreneurial podcast junkie…. Any new idea I can 'borrow' from another entrepreneur makes it worth it.  Nowadays you can find more and more business podcasts out there, and sometimes you really need to find that entrepreneur fuel to keep you going.

Tell us something that you have to do every day that most people wouldn’t know about?
'SEO-spionage!' Every day I spend time analysing what other companies are doing SEO-wise. In fact I have to invest a fair amount of time following up with the latest Google trends, just to keep current. Part of my job is to analyse what works and what doesn’t work any more in the search engine optimization world, and that makes my business exciting. Things change very fast in the online world so I have to keep current.

It’s 3:30pm. How many cups of coffee have you had?
I was born in Colombia so may be 4 by then! Coffee is not just part of my DNA, it’s one of that addictions that one day I know I will have to tackle…, but until then, checking emails with a cup of coffee is  always better than without one.

How much work do you get done after 5pm, or do you use that to allocate tasks for the next day?
I try to do 1 hour of work before going to bed. Between 9 to 10 pm… yep the wonders of working from home, work never really stops. I use the last hours of the day to do more research, blog or network.

Does your work come home with you?
Work comes where ever I go, because I’m always building new sites or working on different online projects. Unplugging from work never really happens. For me, work is less of “work” and more of building a business… so work always comes home… and in fact it never leaves. I believe when you are really passionate about your business, you can’t wait to keep doing stuff, growing, improving and waiting for the next opportunity.

Who’s cooking/buying dinner tonight?
My lovely wife. She knows the rules asbout what is healthy better than I. Plus when you have small children… the dinner process is always completed with military precision. So tonight, she is cooking!
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