Commbank Redefines Point Of Sale With Revolutionary New Technology

Commonwealth Bank launched Pi on Monday, a mind-blowing new way to think about transaction systems that will excite everyone from cafe owners to retailers.

We're not usually the ones to spruik products from the big banks, but this one is too awesome to ignore. So new they wouldn't even tell us what it was until the unveiling, CommBank welcomed Pi into the world this week and it's good news for you.

With everyone using iPhone and Android applications in their daily lives, paying for goods has still lagged behind in the physical world. While we've got mobile banking, the majority of us are still using cards, cash and even cheques for everyday transactions. With Pi, they're trying to cut a lot of the strings. It's a new kind of open plan software designed by the bank which has its own collection of apps, all of which will benefit business owners and their customers.
Business owners can use Pi on the neat little tablet gizmo called Albert (how great are hardware names?) that's sort of a ticked out iPad on legs. It's a wireless, secure merchant platform and you can do all sorts of things with it, like taking it to a table at a cafe and allowing each patron to pay for their lunch separately without ever touching their wallets. 'Split The Bill' is just one of the apps you can use Albert for, and it can be tailored to each business individually. It also looks like something out of Back To The Future II. Seriously.