Do You Have A Question For Brendan O'Connor?

Got a burning question you'd like to ask the man in charge of Small Business in this country? Well we're going to take the best ones straight to Brendan O'Connor.

Smarter Business Ideas has a video interview coming up with the Minister for Small Business in a fortnight, but there's nobody better we can think to ask the questions than you guys - the small business owners of Australia.
It's prime time to chat with Mr O'Connor; the Federal Budget was announced two weeks ago and included many provisions for SMEs, including the ability to carry back your losses to the previous year. There's also the ability to write off purchases under $6500 and that niggling matter of the 1% company tax drop that was scrapped at the final hour. That's a lot of new information to process, but if there's questions you have, O'Connor is the man to answer them. He'll also be chatting about the Gillard government's decision to appoint an Australian Small Business Commissioner later this year. 

It's very rare that we have a direct line to the man who makes the big decisions, so if you want to know how the Government is going to help you prosper in the future, or how they intend to fix something that you feel is already a problem, we want to hear from you. Email us at and we'll pick the best ten to take to the Minister. You'll also be quoted along with your business name in the published transcript.

Get your thinking caps on, we can't wait to hear from you.

  • Whyh is it so hard to access possible small business loans through the government sites and some people ask for cash when you apply. Please respond as i would like to know the answer as my business is in security and we are failing because of customers lack of interest. They seem to think their Insurance Company will cover their losses. Report this

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