Hold on tight: Telstra 4G smartphones hit the street today


Hold on tight: Telstra 4G smartphones hit the street today

The fastest mobile Internet in Australian history has officially landed today in the form of Telstra's 4G smartphone, the HTC Velocity 4G. With lightning fast speeds, small business owners will be able to do their work faster, multi-task and network, all while on the go.

Nobody likes to be tethered to a computer if they don't have to be, and for many who work in trade, retail or other 'outside the box' professions, it may not even be a choice. The smartphone revolution has been a boon for managers and sole traders alike, allowing them to conduct business in almost any situation imaginable. Now, with the official launch of the first 4G smartphone in the country, all of that's about to get a lot easier.

So what does 4G mean for you, the interior designer, electrician, hire specialist or fashion buyer? It means opening files remotely without waiting them to load - while you're checking the weather at the same time. It means having live video conferences without having to be in front of a screen with anyone, anywhere. It means downloading and uploading content - like rosters, invoices, calendars and slideshows, at least five times the speed you were previously. (Some early reports have tracked download speeds of up to seventeen times the average!) Also, it means you can make all your co-workers and friends really, really jealous. 

The service is currently available capital cities CBDs across the country, as well as over eighty metropolitan and regional areas. If you're using HTC Velocity in 4G coverage areas, you can expect blistering download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and typical upload speeds from 1Mbps to 10Mbps. (Outside of 4G coverage areas it switches instantly onto Telstra's fast 3G mobile network which reaches 99 per cent of the population.) In visual terms, that is about this fast. For a good idea of the things you can do with 4G, check out this clip of Wawrick Boulter, a commercial videographer from Surry Hills who used the 4G USB when the service first went live last year:

Seriously though, you can get your mitts on one of the phones right now.

It's a big day for small business and an even bigger day for the Internet. Get excited. >>> Learn more about 4G coverage in your area

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