How Do I Sell...Tiles?

Everyone knows how to sell clothes or cars, but how do you market something that isn't particularly sexy? That's the focus of our new segment, which is all about promoting businesses that you probably never imagined needed promotion.

Today we chat with Alyce Capurso, Brand Manager at Beaumont Tiles, who provide interior design solutions through their own unique product-matching services with over 85 stores across Australia. It's not easy to sell tiles to people. Most just go with the ones that are there when they move in or take up residence, which is why Beaumont decided to do something a bit unorthodox. We let Alyce show us the ropes of their new marketing strategy...

Interior decorating is all about personality and taste - some people can nail it, while others struggle to find a look that works, resulting in interior decorating disasters that unfortunately will withstand the test of time. That’s why Beaumont Tiles decided to get into the psychology of our customers. Yes, we thought it was time to get freaky!

Recruiters have been doing it for decades – using psychology to test a person out and determine their character and style. Fashion stylists do it, and so do interior designers. So it made sense to us to use that approach and apply it in a way that helps people chose tiles.

With so many products on the market, interior decorating can be an overwhelming experience for many. If a customer can’t afford an interior decorator – and let’s face it, not many of us can – and isn’t across current trends and styles, then up until now there’s been nothing to guide them in their choices. So we put our heads together and came up with What Style Am I.

What Style Am I is an interactive questionnaire that has been designed to guide customers towards the style most suited to their psyche. The questionnaire is simple and good fun, where the customer is asked to select from a range of images to answer each question.

There are more than 20 possible outcomes and each correlates with an interior decorating scheme. 

The schemes have been put together by professional stylists, and they incorporate tiles, laminates, paint swatches and benchtops for complete home concepts. Effectively, What Style Am I gives every customer access to a virtual interior designer.

The questionnaire was developed by a team of experts, including a psychologist, interior designer, and colour consultant, who analysed personality types and interior decorating choices and the link between the two.

The questionnaire is very much a visual experience, questions are wide ranging capturing different elements of a person’s design preference such as colour and taste, but also less tangible factors such as preferences in relaxation and leisure activities, personality traits and what comforts them. These questions tap into a customer’s deeper lifestyle desires such as where their priorities lie and what they would like to emulate in their immediate environment.

These days, businesses have to find innovative ways to provide customer service. At Beaumont Tiles we have a strong customer service focus and are always looking at ways we can help our customers make selections in tiles and bathroomware that they won’t regret in the long run.

We also wanted to find an online element that would connect customers directly with our showrooms, bringing people to our stores so they can experience the tiles in the flesh. Tiles are a textural experience as well as visual, so being able to view them is an important part of the selection process. We hope this concept helps people all over Australia use our products to make their homes look and feel beautiful.

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