How to run a business and still have a family life

Thanks to cloud computing and smartphones, Kids First Aid co-owners and mothers Katie Fischer and Jenny Douneen are able to successfully juggle their business with their busy family lives.

“The thing I love about our business being mobile is I can still be a mum and run a business. I can be coming back form a school run and take phone calls from people wanting to book a session,” said Fischer.

Douneen and Fischer shared with us some of their tips to achieving work/life balance, including:

1. How technology can help you better manage your time
2. The benefits of job sharing
3. The importance of switching off and going offline to spend time with family

"What I've learnt about work/life balance is it's important to make time for your kids, but to make time for yourself as well, otherwise if you don't look after yourself, everything else will fall down," Jenny Douneen told Smarter Business Ideas.

Click on the video below to hear Douneen and Fischer’s work/life balance tips for small business owners.