LinkedIn helps users stay on top of industry news

New changes to professional online network LinkedIn are making it easier for users to keep up-to-date on news within their industry while they’re on the go.

Launched this morning, LinkedIn Signal and LinkedIn Today aim to both help professionals organise and sift through content on the site, such as status updates, links and other shared news. In addition to the new tools, LinkedIn has just launched its iPhone app version 3.6, which will deliver Today to users. Twitter and LinkedIn now also have a closer relationship, as members can seamlessly connect their accounts to feature a stream of updates and news on both platforms.

LinkedIn Signal gives you the ability to look for specific news through filters, searches and trending topics by network, company, industry, region, people and popular topics. These customised feeds can be saved for future reference.

Meanwhile, you can stay on top of the latest news stories and links that your industry contacts are reading, with the help of LinkedIn Today. Your homepage will feature the top five news stories your contacts are reading via both LinkedIn and Twitter, which you will also be able to share with others in your status update.

By using the new filters, find out what certain industries are discussing, according to your preferences, such as real estate, non-profit and internet.

“We are being exposed to so much content on a daily basis that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through to information that is essential to our professional lives,” said Cliff Rosenberg, managing director of LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand.

“Signal and Today enables time-poor professionals to extract real-time insights from the large stream of information shared by their network of trusted connections.”
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