Smarter Business News Wrap

So much has happened this week that we didn't have time to get it all out there. Here's our wrap of all the business news you need to know before the weekend.

1. Micro businesses are winning at life...

A recent survey of over 1000 micro-businesses by Flying Solo concludes that they're having a pretty happy in their work, which seems to be the reverse of everyone else in the world at the momnent. Micro-businesses, for those of you playing at home, are those with 5 employees or less, and have added advantages like being able to work from home, extra flexibility with hours and chasing their clients personally. They're also big adopters of online networking, among other trends, all of which you can see on Flying Solo's neat infographic right here. By the way, if you know how to make great-looking infographics, drop us a line. We may have some work for you.

2.. ...but nobody has any idea what's happening with tax concessions.

Seriously. Only 13 per cent of small business owners feel they are completely up to speed with existing tax breaks, according to the American Express Tax Time Survey. Experts reckon many small business owners are paying too much tax simply because they are not aware of what rebates and concessions they are legitimately entitled to. The big lesson from the survey is that you shouldn't shoe-box your receipts anymore. We live in the digital age, people. Get a scanner and get organised. End Of Financial Year is fast approaching, and apart from those guys in Foxtel's 'Happy EOFYS' ad, nobody else is going to have fun with a mess of paperwork.

3. The HTC One XL gets the Blue Tick

Australia's newest 4G smartphone, the HTC One XL, is also the first 4G handset to receive Telstra's Blue Tick which means it is recommended for use in regional and rural coverage areas. “With more than 80 regional centres now Telstra 4G LTE enabled there's a strong appetite among customers to trade up to the next generation in mobile phone technology. The arrival of the HTC One XL will allow more of these customers to move to a smartphone that delivers some of the fastest mobile internet speeds on the planet when in 4G coverage areas,” Andrew Volard, Director, Telstra Mobile said. That's great news for anybody who travels outside of major metro areas for work or those who live there and want decent speeds on their phone. More about the HTC One XL here.

4. This:


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