Smarter Weekly Roundup: Your cheat sheet to the week in small business


Smarter Weekly Roundup: Your cheat sheet to the week in small business

PayPal goes totally mobile, uni courses run by entrepeneurs, events, good reads and some tweets to brighten up your Friday.


Managing Your Business Through Tough Times | 20 March 2012 | Darwin, NT
Run by Business Upskills, this is a seminar for the times when your business isn't exactly running at full speed. Learn how to deal with debtor and staffing issues, managing creditors and what happens when business just slows down through no fault of your own. It may not be relevant to you now, but it happens to everyone at some point. You can find out more details here

Essentials For Business 2 | 18 April 2012 | Murrumba Downs, QLD
Do you want to know how to retain your existing customers and work on extending your profitability? This workshop is all about customer loyalty; how to get it, how to keep it and most importantly, how to increase it. Look at us, we sound like lecturers already! Anyway, you should get on down there and find out more. It's an introductory seminar followed by five workshops, so it's either really comprehensive or a great way to escape your kids on a regular basis.Register for EfB2 here.  


PayPal Here
Hot off the press, this one is. Online payment giant, PayPal is about to make your online transactions a whole lot easier with today's announcement of PayPal Here. The new whizbang gadget the size of your thumb attaches to your smartphone and and turns it into a mobile credit card scanner, allowing you to process payment for pretty much anything at the point of sale. That means we'll see less plumbers waiting in line at the band to clear cheques, less graphic designer living off 2 minute noodles for a week and a whole lot more smiles. Businesses will be able to personalise their internal inventory on the PayPal Here application and provide company-branded and itemised invoices to customers via email or SMS. Oh, and did we mention it's free for the first six months?
Find out more about PayPal Here, er... here. (There was no suave way to do that)

iPad-controlled Hospital Wards
Anyone who's ever had an MRI scan will be the first to tell you that it's probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences in the world. That's why a group of tech geeks in the US have engineered a pre-programmed iPad which allows every patient stuck in that tunnel to change and adopt their surrounding according to their tastes and comfort. That means lights, music and all those other wonderful things that can help you forget you're actually in a hospital. When it goes to the next level and starts letting you order pizza instead of hospital food, we're buying ten of them. Speaking of iPads, the new iPad is on sale today across Australia at Telstra stores. In the meantime, watch this concept in action here.

Good Reads

The Emotional Pull Of #Kony2012 And How To Apply These Principles To Your Business
Earlier this week, we discussed the lessons of the #Kony2012 campaign for small businesses. There was so much great commentary on the issue that we didn't have space to fit it all in one hit. Today we offer another perspective from our resident e-columnist, Jonathan Crossfield. Check out his take on the web phenomenon and his thoughts on why emotion is great but it never makes up for accuracy.

How Do We Educate The Workforce Of The Future?
Does University actually prepare us with the tools we need to get ahead in life? This interview with E[nstitute] founders discusses their new model for tertiary education currently starting in the United States, which focuses on practical knowledge, working with entrepreneurs and incubating startups - all inside the classroom. Given that many uni degrees are often criticised for being too theory-driven with not enough real-life knowledge, this could be the new model for the workforce of the future. It's really interesting stuff. Take five and have a read.

Tweet Of The Week

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