VIDEO: Where will your business be in the future?

Do you know where will your business be next year? Or in five years’ time? And will your business technology be able to keep up with your grand plans for the future?

Michael Snare is managing director of Point Project Management, which has embraced cloud computing to not only effectively service its clients right now, but to also ensure that the company’s technology will be kept up to date in the years ahead.

“The business benefits of cloud technology is all the maintenance, the updating and security is all handled at the backend. We don’t have to worry about that anymore,” he told Smarter Business Ideas.

“If you have plans to grow the company or expand your client base or the number of staff, it’s really important you plan your tools ahead of when you get there. The infrastructure you put in place will pay dividends and it means you won’t be behind the 8-ball.”

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Watch the video below to find out how Snare has used technology to help future proof his business.

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