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Faster, brighter, thinner: business-ready devices are maturing quickly and so too are the needs of its users. We examine the latest business-ready devices available from Telstra.

When buying a new mobile device, choose one that has an appropriate selection of security options.

With any new device, make sure you switch on the security and encryption options that best suit your needs.

Set a basic password lock to verify the user when activating the device from its “sleep” mode (commonly used in most mobile phones).

Prepare a fallback option in the event of your device being stolen or lost, such as tracking or wiping data remotely.

Be aware of the functions and operations of any third party software that may compromise your device’s security.

Keep your device’s visibility on any network to a minimum; set Bluetooth and Wi-Fi profiles to “hidden” and switch off all “push” notifications.

Make sure you assign encrypted passwords to your wireless hubs.

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