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The benefits of having your own Telstra account executive

Your own account executive

Use your Telstra account executive to discover the tools to streamline your business.

“The biggest problem customers have with big service organisations is the feeling that they are getting the run-around,” says Telstra Business marketing executive Jenni Austin. “They don’t know who to talk to.”

Hence, this presents the real value of Telstra Business account executives who act as a single point of contact with the organisation for their customers. Still, they are a resource that is often underutilised, says Austin. But that’s an issue that’s best resolved by becoming active in engaging with customers.

“At Telstra, account executives are briefed on all new products and services, and any special offers. They can guide the customer to what is coming up, including any special deals.

“They are able to put the customer in contact with product specialists. Without that support, the customer would spend a lot more time navigating through the organisation to find the right or appropriate services. A good account executive can add a lot of value for the customer.

“What we recommend to our customers is that if they hear about something like cloud computing and they want to know what it is, they should call their account executive.”

Austen says a recurring concern that Telstra Business account executives are helping customers deal with at the moment is bill shock. As businesses distribute smartphones among staff they are finding that users often exceed their download limits when they first get mobile internet access.

“The account executive can show a business owner how to manage their costs,” she says. “We have usage meters that allow customers to monitor their downloads. We can send out alerts if customers are about to blow their limits.
“Managers can use these facilities to get a look at their whole mobile fleet.”

The benefits of having your own account executive

• Know who to talk to about your business account.
• Get briefed on all new products and services, and any special offers.
• Keep abreast of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing.
• Learn how to manage downloads and service controls more effectively.

Billing takes a leap forward

Paper bills have always proved problematic. Besides the environmental impacts of printing and mailing so much paper, they can be a nuisance to archive or dispose of, and even more difficult to wade through when searching for specific billing items.

Telstra is creating new ways to improve its service offerings for business customers. A recent change to its Telstra Business service offering is an upgrade to the presentation of its online bills. Bills can now be viewed online and downloaded in a PDF format, and there are two versions to choose, a summary PDF and detailed PDF bill, with the detail PDF reproducing the printed bill format.

Telstra’s online bill web site for business has features that all businesses will find useful. You can view your company account’s activities holistically, since all accounts linked to your company can be seen on the same screen. From it, you can drill down into the fine details of the individual services.

True call itemisation provides a log of every call made on the service (including the local and 13 numbers that you may not see even on a detailed paper bill). This feature allows you to sort calls by date, duration, cost or number, and is an alternative to wading through paper bills for call histories. You can also search calls by number and link called numbers to names through an address book, and even download the bill into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

More information on Telstra's dedicated business website

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